Why I love photographing weddings

The truth is that I love all types of photography but when people learn that I specialise in engagement and wedding photography they often ask “why weddings?” Its a good question, and one that I used to often stumble over as I would casually mention the love of the married couple, how fun they are and how happy the guests are!  Weddings are my favourite thing in the world to photograph, but here is a more considered response…

1. The love and emotion – You are declaring promises to each other in front of family and closest friends! Everyone is over the moon excited for you and are there to celebrate, dance, laugh and cry with you.

2. So much variety in one day! When I’m photographing a wedding, I use my macro for detail shots, dabble in photo-journalistic images, using outdoor natural light for posed portrait photos and using flash and lighting techniques in the reception!

3.  The beauty. The makeup, hair, the dress and the bouquets. Prettiness is in abundance!

4.  The challenge of dealing with whatever the day throws at me. The changes in weather, photographing in a location I may not have seen before and having to think on my feet is what I thrive on.

5.  Weddings are full of precious moments, some which might escape you on the day. I hope to capture these fleeting moments for you to look back on after the day is over and for years to come.

The photo above is one of my favourites from a recent March wedding … it was held on the couples property in Bray and their ceremony held amongst natural scrub. We then headed to Nora Creina which is a special spot for this couple.  It was simply breathtaking…



Adelaide, South Australia