Sally + Ryan | Robe Rustic Farm Wedding

I always like to scout locations and visit ceremony locations before I shoot a wedding, so when I first met with Sally and she mentioned that their wedding was to take place on their farm and that she hoped it would look ok, I reassured her that ‘of course it will be lovely’. A few months later I visited their property it was so much more than I imagined – it was gorgeous – they had cleared a track and ceremony site amongst the natives, ferns and trees. It was so protected, private and perfect. They had invited all their guests to bring along caravans and tents to camp for the entire wedding weekend and as everyone walked the track to the ceremony site they were serenaded by a bagpipe player (and a slight sprinkle of rain!). If you have ever visited the South East you will know that the coastline is breathtaking, thankfully for Sally and Ryan’s day the wind was at a minimum and we took some glorious photos overlooking the cliffs and beach at  Nora Creina where Sallys family have owned a shack since she was young. Their wedding day ended with a country party-like atmosphere with their friends and family.

Megan x




Adelaide, South Australia