The Workshop Experience | Katelyn James

Being a geek at heart, one of my favourite aspects of photography is the learning. I strive to be continually growing and expanding not only my technical skills as a photographer but all areas of my business.  Needless to say, earlier this year when one of the photographers who I look up to announced she would be bringing her two day workshop all the way from Virginia, US to Adelaide, I was on board! Katelyn James along with her husband Michael are greatly admired in the wedding photography world, not only because of their gorgeous photography but their savvy business sense and their passion for sharing their knowledge. I have been reading Katelyn’s photography blog for over four years (yup, stalker alert!) and when I was welcomed by her and Michael with huge hugs I knew it was going to be a fabulous weekend!

While much of the second day was filled with business talk (which I have a secret love for), the first day we shot a glorious styled shoot, styled by Gabrielle Walsh from By Gabrielle.

Thank you so much to Michael and Katelyn for taking the leap and coming to Australia! We absolutely loved you guys!

Enjoy my images from the shoot below. xx

Vendors: Styling: By Gabrielle | Floral Art: In Bloom | Makeup: Coloured Lips Makeup Artistry | Stationary: Akimbo2014-10-27_00012014-10-27_00022014-10-27_00032014-10-27_00052014-10-27_00132014-10-27_00042014-10-27_00062014-10-27_00072014-10-27_00082014-10-27_00102014-10-27_00112014-10-27_00122014-10-27_00142014-10-27_00092014-10-27_00152014-10-27_00162014-10-27_00182014-10-27_00172014-10-27_00202014-10-27_00212014-10-27_00192014-10-27_00232014-10-27_00222014-10-27_00242014-10-27_00252014-10-27_00262014-10-27_00272014-10-27_00282014-10-27_00292014-10-27_00302014-10-27_00312014-10-27_00322014-10-27_00332014-10-27_0034



Adelaide, South Australia