The importance of a wedding album

Photographs are meant to be experienced. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve looking through our family albums.  It wasn’t just the content of the photos that I loved but the experience of reliving that moment and remembering that time in life. I loved to prise apart photos stuck together, smell the aged pages and read the hand written notes below each photo.

When you buy a wedding album, you are buying the experience that you, your children and grandchildren will have with your memories. They will flip the pages, debate who is who, marvel at how much they look like you and maybe even giggle at the fashions. Having the digital images is great, but nothing compares to holding that album full of your memories in your hands.

Presenting an album to you as a newly married couple and knowing that you will be proudly showing off your day to friends and family is something that I love. Knowing you are then passing it down for generations to enjoy as your first family heirloom.

While I believe in the importance of albums I do leave the ultimate choice of purchasing the heirloom with my couples.

I offer my couples a choice of two styles of album, the first a  classic leather flush mount album which is available in a variety of modern and classic leather hues. The second, a lovely fine art wedding album with either a linen or photo wrap cover. Both are professionally printed on different materials giving them their distinct style.



Adelaide, South Australia