Yvonne + Nathan | Kuitpo Forest Engagement

When I first met Yvonne and Nathan I instantly loved them. Their warmth, combined with their honest and friendly personalities completely won me over. Their love for each other was apparent and you can tell by the way they look at each other that they are such a perfect match.

guy kissing girl on cheek hugging her from behind in forest

We chatted about their upcoming wedding and photography (Nathan is a talented photographer – you can check out his beautiful work here). For their engagement session they were excited to go on an adventure – first trekking though Kuitpo Forest and then to Port Willlunga in time for sunset.  A few hours before sunset is the perfect time to schedule your engagement session. The light is gorgeous and so glowy!

For a winter June day, the sun was warm and the sky was clear. The sunlight coming through to the forest floor was something else. The colours of the foliage deep within are gorgeous. We then headed over to Port Willlunga where I steered them towards the cliffs. It was at this point Nathan told me of his fear of heights! Yikes! We backed away from the edge and spent some time soaking in that delicious winter view. Afterward, Yvonnes only request was to jump in the water…even though it was June. Yes, a winter sea dip! I thought she was completely crazy but I’m so glad she was so adamant – it was freezing but so much fun.

I can’t wait for their wedding this coming December, I know it will be filled with so much laughter and warmth.  If it’s anything like this engagement session it will be one to remember!

couple in forestcouple kissing in forestcouple hugging in forestcloseup of girls engagement ringgirl laughing at guy in forestcouple looking at each other and walking hand in hand along dirt trackcouple looking at each other in forestguy kissing girl on cheek hugging her from behind in forestguy kissing girl on cheek from behind
Couple kissing under tree in forestguy kissing girl and making her laugh in forestguy kissing girls shoulderguy whispering to girlCOuple looking at each other sitting under treeCouple hugging under tree in forestCliffs at Maslins beachcouple hugging on cliffCouple about to kiss on cliffCOuple walking on cliffsCouple walking hand in hand on cliffPort Willunga cliffs


couple laughing on cliffCouple holding hands on cliffCouple dancing on cliffCouple kissing on cliffcouple hugging on cliffcouple holding hands on cliffcouple smooching on cliffCouple walking hand in hand on beachcouple kissing in calm seaCouple kisssing in wavesCouple kissing in the sea at sunset

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