6 of my favourite photography books

After getting to know my DSLR in the early days of my business, I began looking for photography inspiration in different places. I found that Pinterest and photographer blogs were a great resource for posing subjects, getting started in business, and even photoshoot outfit ideas, but I also wanted something that would inspire me to try new things and being a book lover, I headed to the library!

Here are five of my favourite photography books that I have devoured and found really pushed my photography and business in the right direction…




Picture Perfect Practice by Roberto Valenzuela –  Roberto first came to my attention when he hosted a course on Creative Live. This book was a turning point and Roberto takes photography and explains it in three clearly described sections : locations, poses, and execution.  He gives you exercises to improve your craft, practical tips to strengthen your composition skills, and the technique to be able to break down a scene with ease.

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The Luminous Portrait by Elizabeth Messina – This book has dreamy portraits in it and was another book that resonated with me and broke down how to use light to light portraits from within. It has made me more aware of light and the ways it influences an image, and I find myself noticing it more as I go about my days even when I’m not shooting.

Shooting in Sh*tty Light by Lyndsey Adler – Currently reading this! Lyndsey is another photographer who I had seen on Creative Live. On a wedding day, especially in the height of summer, sh*tty light is evveerryyyyy where, but you gotta work with what you’ve got!

Fine Art Wedding Photography by Jose Villa and Jeff Kent – This was the first wedding photography book I ever purchased. Jose Villa is an incredible photographer and secretly I just wanted to own this book to look at the beautiful photos!

Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts – Technically a business book but this is also worth the read if being in business is your goal. It’s emphasis on finding your voice and personality branding are invaluable.

Vivian Maier A Photographer Found by John Maloof – I first saw the documentary (seriously, it’s well worth the watch!) on Vivian Maier and boy oh boy I fell in love with the story, Vivian’s life and her work. A local historian, John Maloof purchased a box of Maier’s negatives from a Chicago auction house and began collecting and championing her incredible work. Her photographs, once her own private hobby are now world famous.


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